Choose a Professional Wedding Photographer

I have created my top 10 reasons to choose a professional wedding photographer to give you an insight into what’s involved in creating your wedding memories. With the average wedding now costing £21,000 it is very easy to see why couples are looking at areas to save money, and all too often we hear “my friend has a good camera, he / she can take our pictures”.


Once in a lifetime.

Your wedding day is a once in a lifetime event, with great thought given to every detail from the time of year you will be married, flowers, wedding venue, favours, bridesmaids dresses and not forgetting the hours spent trying on numerous wedding dresses before finding “The One”! If you choose a professional wedding photographer, the memories of your special day will be preserved forever.


1. Experience – I am a full time photographer, photography is not just my job but my passion. I have photographed over 500 weddings and with that comes a great deal of experience. I will anticipate and capture those special moments, manage the stress and emotion of a wedding day and communicate with your guests for group photographs. I work on creating flattering poses for your bride and groom photographs. (We are also very good at button holes and bustling wedding dresses)!


2. Challenging lighting conditions – A wedding photographer will encounter varying light conditions. Most couples wish for sun on their wedding day, but with sun comes harsh lighting, which can remove the details on your beautiful wedding dress and create dark shadows on your face. There are also many low light conditions, from dimly lit churches to atmospherically lit reception venues and Winter weddings. Whilst modern cameras are advanced with a host of settings, challenging lighting requires skill and experience which cannot be gained purely from the cameras standard settings.


3. Equipment – I use Canon professional cameras and lenses, and attend every wedding with duplicates of all my equipment, in the event a problem occurs, your wedding photography would not be interrupted.


4. Peace of mind – I have full public liability insurance, providing you with peace of mind.


5. Due diligence – A professional photographer will back up your photos either during the wedding day onto a portable storage device or the moment they get back to the office, that night! We also keep a back up off site in case of break-in or fire.


6. Planning & Detail – A wedding day does not run like clock work, I will discuss the details and times of your day to ensure no special moments are missed and allow enough time to take all the formal photographs, after all you don’t want to be rushed on your wedding day. I also offer a pre wedding session where I visit your wedding venue to locate the best places for photographs and take some informal and fun photographs of you both.


7. Unique Style – A professional wedding photographer will have a photography style, unlike a friend or relative with their own camera. No two wedding couples are identical and your wedding photography should reflect your personalities. Whether you are an extrovert or quiet and retiring, love fashion style wedding photography or are a blend of all of these, I will work closely with you. I will listen to your ideas and create wedding photographs which are unique to you.


8. Digital Enhancement – We all want to look our best on our wedding day and occasionally that may require a little sympathetic digital enhancement. I won’t give you bright white teeth, a Californian tan or change the colour of your eyes. For each individual wedding picture I enhance the natural beauty and surroundings to create a work of art for you to enjoy.


9. Professional Wedding Albums – Your professional wedding photographer will use professional albums, displaying all the details of your day to the highest quality of clarity and colour, made to last for generations to come.


10. Lifetime of Memories – Once your guests have left, your wedding cake eaten, your dress cleaned and boxed away, the only items remaining from your day are your husband, your wedding certificate, your wedding rings and your wedding photographs and wedding album. Choose a professional wedding photographer and you will treasure this record of your wedding day. Memories of the guests, the first look of the groom as he sees his bride for the first time, your first kiss as husband and wife! The tears and laughter during the speeches and of course, your first dance. Would you really leave all these precious moments to a friend who has a really good camera?

One extra one!

10 a. It’s all relative – If the average cost of a wedding is £21,000.00, accommodating 10-15% of this overall cost to having professional wedding photography, will be one of the best investments you will make on your wedding day.