Clare and Martin will be getting married in April this year at the beautiful Beamont Estate in Windsor, the perfect place for their Beaumont Estate Engagement Photography Session!

So here we are are on a cold, wet, grey day, not the late afternoon Winter golden hour I had been hoping for! This was no deterrant for our hardy couple. With Clare standing at a dimintutive 4ft 10″ (isn’t that the same height as the beautiful Kylie Minogue??) and Martin a strapping 6ft 1″, I had to put my thinking hat on to create images where we could have both their heads in the same frame 🙂 Challenge resolved we moved onto some relaxed and informal images, plus couple with Clare on a window ledge (only 2 ft from the floor so no danger involed, though the staff inside Beaumont did look slightly confused).

With a wedding guestlist of 150, and Martin of Irish descent, I’m sensing a big party – ohhhhh I cant wait! ♥

Here is a small selection of images from their engagement session, I do hope you enjoy and if you would like to see more of our portrait and couples photography, take a look at our main website

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