What do you get when you take a beautiful couple + a stunning venue + fun guests + gorgeous Winter light = only the best Danesfield House wedding photography!

I met the beautiful Justine and Alex 12 months before their big day was planned and they were so relaxed and giddy in love (did I mention gorgeous too!), I was excited from that moment on to be part of their day.

Danesfield House Hotel and Spa is stunning country house in between Marlow and Henley. With unrivalled views of the River Thames and 65 acres of perfectly manicured gardens, it really is a photographers dream venue. Quite apt given it’s history; during World War II it was used as a base for the RAF Reconnaissance and Photography Section. The staff are also super attentive do, in a subtle way, it really is a little wedding gem.

Justine’s transformation from naturally gorgeous young woman to super gorgeous bride was a joy to observe. I envy make up artists and their ability to create stunning looks with what seems like effortless ease. The bridesmaids were equally excited to see Justine unveil her completed look, although it was the expression from her father when he first saw his little girl looking so grown up, it was completely priceless ♥

Alex was being kept calm but his very boisterous and fun groomsmen, they definitely help set the relaxed and cheeky tone for the day. One of the reasons I love photographing weddings is seeing the various stages of transformation, both physical and emotional. Brides from dressing gown and curlers to stunning bridal gowns  looking like they’ve stepped off the cover of a magazine, through to grooms, sharing a laugh with their groomsmen before nervousness and quite literally forgetting to breath when their bride walks into room. Alex watching Justine walk into the ceremony room is one of my favourite groom pictures ever. He literally lost his breath, overwhelmed with emotion, supported by his sister and mother in law, whilst his dad is in the background wearing a cheeky little smile!

The ceremony was simple with two beautiful readings, before gusts braved the winter chill and headed on the veranda for confetti deluge!

After some truly emotional speeches the wedding moved into party mode! Justine is Jewish and as traditional with their weddings came the “Hora” aka the chair dance. Watching the bride and groom lifted into the air whilst precariously balancing on chairs – how crazy but amazing to witness!

I hope you enjoy these Danesfield House wedding photography images as I thoroughly enjoyed every second of being part of their special day ♥

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