An engagement photography session (e-shoot, pre wedding shoot) is an opportunity to take some relaxed and informal photographs with a couple before their wedding day, and confirm the final details. Todays lovely couple are Michele and Jeff who are getting married in May at the gorgeous Wotton House in Dorking, an amazing wedding venue with so many stunning locations for wedding photography.  But wanting a different feel to their engagement images, they choose the 18th century landscape backdrop of  Painshill Park in Cobham Surrey.

Michele and Jeff met when Michele moved into the house share where Jeff was living. Jeff had been expecting a blonde Swedish arrival, Michele arrived, tall, blonde and South African, I don’t think he was too disappointed by the minor country of origin detail ๐Ÿ™‚ They soon discovered a mutual interest in late night wine and Mortal Kombat sessions and a their friendship developed. On a boozy night out in a bar, Jeff had attracted the attention of a female admirer, as Jeff kindly rebuffed her advances, he realised he had fallen in love with Michele. With this new found clarity, he rushed home and poured his heart out to Michele who of course felt the same otherwise this was be an odd engagement session ๐Ÿ™‚ (Now, when Jeff was telling me this tale, in my mind I imagined him rushing through crowded, wet London streets, unable to get a taxi, missing the bus / train and arriving home soaking wet, heart pounding, mouth dry, words of love rushing from his mouth; Michele looking at the man she had fallen in love with speaking the words she had longed to hear and falling into his arms unaware of the soaking wet clothes and hair – I think I need to watch less romcoms).

They moved out of their house share and set up home together, enjoying having some space to themselves. Their thoughts soon moved onto progressing their relationship, and on a holiday to Mykanos Jeff arranged a romantic dinner to be taken on their balcony, overlooking the ocean. Each detail arranged meticulously and without Michele’s knowledge (I do love an organised man!). After dinner Jeff asked Michele to open the drawer next to their bed, inside was a copy of The Proposal DVD with an engagement ring. The rest as they say is history.

And so we find ourselves on a cold, damp and very windy Sunday morning, literally the only visiters at this beautiful landscape. Michele and Jeff had their eye on some beautiful ruins by the lake and so we headed off, very windswept (which I loved as it added a nice feel of movement to the pictures), and took this selection of pictures, I hope you enjoy x

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