foxhills wedding photography

Kelly & Greg’s Foxhills Wedding Photography

I’m just going to come out and say it, I love late Summer light, and it looked especially amazing for this Foxhills wedding photography with Kelly and Greg.

Prep started with a Kelly’s BFF’s, most of whom I already know as I have photographed their weddings too. I love it when that happens, you get to follow the story of their marriage and their expanding families, it’s one of my favourite parts of this job.

Kelly had a stunning dress from Wed2Be which she has bought 2 years previous (yes, this was another delayed covid wedding). It was sleek and elegant, and looked absolutely perfect on Kelly. Clearly her father thought so too based on his reaction upon seeing her on her wedding morning. Moments like these you just can’t buy or stage, they are pure.

Kellys dad had arranged a surprise in the form of this amazing wedding car!! What an amazing way to arrive at the church for your wedding day, a real head turner!

The ceremony was held at my favourite church, St Johns in Windlesham. I live very close to the church and everyone in the village knows everyone, ceremonies always feel like a family affair.

Greg was composed until the pitch change in music, you could see him hold back his emotions.

The sun poured through the stain glass windows creating an ethereal feel as Kelly walked up the aisle with her father. Greg looked so pleased and relived to see her.

The ceremony was beautiful with lot’s of hymns, I’ve definitely missed the singing through covid too. Instead of confetti, Kelly and Greg choose bubbles! These look great but definitely have to be aware not to get them on the camera lens!

We headed back to Foxhills for a reception bathed in warm sunlight and great views, before we headed off for couples photos. Foxhills wedding photography is a joy; with so many lovely backdrops and all made easily accessible due to the amazing staff, we even got to drive our own golf buggies.

Foxhills Wedding Venue

Foxhills wedding photography

Wedding Reception Foxhills Wedding Photography

With the sunlight dipping, Kelly, Greg and their guests headed to the club house for the wedding breakfast and speeches. Gregs best man did mention to me pre food that he was a little anxious as to how his speech would be received. I think from some of the reactions it was clear to see that everyone enjoyed Gregs embarrassment!

I hope you enjoyed Kelly and Gregs Foxhills wedding photography.

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