New Years Resolution – BLOG MY WEDDINGS!!

When you’re in the midst of wedding season, it can be so easy to forget to blog, not intentional, just caught up in the moment! So here I am catching up on some of the beautiful weddings I have been fortunate to be part of.

Today I am starting with Jenni and Jai’s perfect Summer wedding at the one of my favourite venues, Great Fosters. This stunning hotel was built as a hunting lodge for Henry VIII, with it’s immaculate gardens, maze, lake, summer house and bridge, it really is a photographers dream.

I love watching the contrast between bride and grooms during the preparation process. Girls, surrounded by bridesmaids, make up artists, bubbles and nice smells. Boys on the other hand, sweaty nervousness, a bag of items and a list of instructions for the items in the bag, plus a good dose of banter!

Jenni looked amazing in her low shoulder gown with her hair swept over one shoulder, accented with a delicate floral hairband. The look on her bridesmaids face when she unveiled her finished look, was just priceless. Dad looked pretty proud too.

Jenni and Jai had two ceremonies for their wedding and an amazing choir who sang pop songs. They were brilliant and a unique feature to their day (reminded me of the opening scenes of Love Actually).

With the ceremony over family and friends enjoyed the beautiful surroundings, and unlike the frosty weather we’re currently experiencing, there day was one of the hottest in July!

My approach to a wedding is documenting the day as it unfolds but asking couples for 15 minutes to head off for some bride and groom portraits. Most couples are welcome of the time away from the maddening crowd but also a chance for some natural portraits in the grounds of their wedding venue. The rest of the time I am in the background (unless there’s a glorious sunset, who doesn’t want a picture at sunset).

Here are a few pictures from Jenni and Jai’s special day, I do hope you enjoy and thank you for stopping by ♥


wedding photography at great fosters

Small Details ♥

Great Fosters Weddings_0002 Great Fosters Weddings_0003

Is it wine o’clock already?!

Great Fosters Weddings_0004

“I love you Mum” ♥

Great Fosters Weddings_0005

Here come the boys!

Great Fosters Weddings_0006

“You’re not nervous are you mate?” Ha Ha Ha Ha

Great Fosters Weddings_0007 Great Fosters Weddings_0008 Great Fosters Weddings_0009

Everyone needs their mum on their wedding day ♥

Great Fosters Weddings_0010

Hello proud Dad!

Great Fosters Weddings_0011 Great Fosters Weddings_0012 Great Fosters Weddings_0013

Hello proud Bridesmaids! Love these expressions ♥

Great Fosters Weddings_0014 Great Fosters Weddings_0015 Great Fosters Weddings_0016

Making an entrance

Great Fosters Weddings_0017

To your Dad you will always be his little girl ♥

Great Fosters Weddings_0018 Great Fosters Weddings_0019 Great Fosters Weddings_0020 Great Fosters Weddings_0021

“I do, I do, I do” ♥

Great Fosters Weddings_0022

Great Fosters Weddings_0023

Great Fosters Weddings_0036

The Choir!!

Great Fosters Weddings_0024 Great Fosters Weddings_0025 Great Fosters Weddings_0026 Great Fosters Weddings_0027 Great Fosters Weddings_0028 Great Fosters Weddings_0029

Oh alright then, pucker up!

Great Fosters Weddings_0030 Great Fosters Weddings_0031 Great Fosters Weddings_0032 Great Fosters Weddings_0033 Great Fosters Weddings_0034 Great Fosters Weddings_0035

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