In addition to our Wedding Photography, we also offer a Newborn photography service. Newborn photography is a real art, if you have children you will know they never do what you want them to do, or expect them to do but can at least be bribed! With babies it is completely dfferent, they work to there own schedule!

When we speak to couples looking for newborn photography, we always discuss the style of photography session – styled with different backgrounds and props, or a lifestyle approach – something more natural. I wanted to share with you some images taken of a beautiful little boy called Jamie, he is only 12 days old and just totally adorable. I have two children of my own and have seen how fast these baby days pass by and before you know it their off to school – scary stuff. So of course I completely indulged myself is baby squeezes before reluctantly having to return him to his mum ♥

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