Summer wedding at royal Berkshire Hotel, bride and groom with their dog

Summer Wedding At Royal Berkshire Hotel

I love heading back to one of my favourite Berkshire wedding venues for a fabulous summer wedding at Royal Berkshire hotel. made even more special by the serendipitous cute meet story of my lovely couple, Hayley & Will and their fur baby, Noah.

Hayley and Wills love story is like the 90’s film, Sliding Doors. They both grew up in Sunningdale, just a few miles from the Royal Berkshire Hotel and Holy Trinity church where they would eventually wed. They attended schools within miles of each other, hung out at the same places, enjoyed the same sports and hobbies, but never actually met.

After Uni they both had a desire to travel and explore the World and seek adventure, eventually finding themselves 10,500 miles away in Sydney, Australia. One day whilst Hayley was travelling on the bus on the way home from work, doing a journey she had completed many times, Hayley noticed a furry head peeking out of a ruck suck (it is a requirement in Australia that in order for dogs to travel on public transport, they must be in some kind of pet carrier – thankfully they don’t do that here as there’s no way our Rhodesian Ridgeback would fit!).

Intrigued with the cuteness overload, Hayley headed towards the rucksack and more importantly, the person whom it was attached to. Enter out lead man, Will! They chatted and Hayley met Will’s new puppy, a cocker spaniel called Noah. They disembarked at the same bus stop and soon realised they only lived one road away from each other. They didn’t exchange numbers, or arrange to meet again, they just their good byes and went on their way.

Hayley thought there was no way Will could be single. He was handsome, funny and had a puppy! A single guy wouldn’t want the responsibility of a puppy. Will was equally enamoured, he thought there is no way that that someone as gorgeous and easy to chat to as Hayley, could ever be single.

As the days passed, the universe and the stars aligned, and after living in the same town, one road away from each other and having never met before, their paths started to cross. That was the start of their beautiful love story.

The plans were set for their permanent return to the UK for their wedding they had planned from Sydney, and to be closer to their families. But then Covid struck, and much like thousands of other couples, their life plans were put on hold.

Fast forward 15 months and Hayley and Will were finally able to celebrate their beautiful day with family, friends and Noah – the catalyst of their love story, for a perfect Summer wedding at Royal Berkshire Hotel.

The actual ceremony took place at Holy Trinity Church which is a stones throw away from the Royal Berkshire. Hayley arrive in a stunning classic car on the arm of her very proud father. Will was breathless as he watched Hayley walk up the aisle and there smiles didn’t fade once throughout the ceremony. The ceremony itself was full of personal stories and a stunning image of Hayley, Will and Noah taken in Australia beamed on TV screens in the church, it really was such a lovely touch.

Hayley and Will left the church to an stunning flower petal confetti tunnel with cheers and whoops of celebration from the many family and friends who came to celebrate their big day with them.

Celebrating your Summer Wedding at Royal Berkshire

A short ride and we were back at the Royal Berkshire, greeted with champagne cocktails and canapes on the lawn. The warm summer air was a buzz with chatter and laughter, I think 18 months of lockdown has made us all very grateful of the simple things in life; enjoying a drink with old friends, reaching out for a hug and warm embrace, seeing each others faces and laughing out loud with the cover of a mask. I know I have missed these simple things.

Summer wedding at Royal Berkshire with a Bride and Groom with their cocker spaniel on their wedding day at the Royal Berkshire Hotel
Summer wedding royal Berkshire Hotel

Hayley has a dream of opening her own florists. Based on the design and colour she choose for her own wedding breakfast room, I think she would be a natural! I love the mix of soft colours and the hints of green from the eucalyptus leaves. These flowers were provided by Longacres in Bagshot.

Speeches, cake cutting done it was onto the dancefloor to bust out some moves to the sounds of live music from The Vinyls I love hearing a live band at a wedding. They really do help create a party atmosphere and get everyone up and dancing.

I hope you’ve enjoyed Hayley & Will’s Summer wedding at Royal Berkshire hotel. If you would like to know more about weddings at the Royal Berkshire, click here

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