How long have you been a wedding photographer?

I have been photographing weddings since 2005, previously spending two years working as a photography assistant. I was fortunate to receive mentoring and training from some of the UK’s top wedding and portrait photographers, I firmly believe you can never stop learning.

We love your photography style and images but there are many photographers with a similar style, what makes you different from the rest?

This is a great question. There are two things that make me stand out from the rest. Firstly, I believe that every couple is unique and tailor my photography style to reflect each couples personalities and style. Of course I offer guidance on what would look great, but that doesn’t mean each set of images should be a carbon copy. Your wedding photos should be modern, unique and timeless, not en vogue of current trends.

Secondly, I LOVE what I do. Yes I know this sounds corny, but I really do. There are very few jobs where you get to witness and record two people in love surrounded by their family and friends, what’s not to love. I approach each wedding with the enthusiasm and excitement as if it’s my first. This is evident in my work and I have been complimented at numerous weddings by couples and their guests on how relaxed I’ve made them feel, and enjoyed having their photographs taken. There can be few greater compliments for a photographer.

With a vast wealth of experience accumulated over the years, there are very few things I have not seen. Your wedding is one of the biggest days of your life to be enjoyed, and my experience helps create a calm in amongst the wedding day madness. I observe your day as it unfolds, documenting your story through stunning images of you and your guests to treasure, I’m also pretty good with button holes and bustles.

Once your wedding day has passed, I start the editing process, the click of the shutter at your wedding is just the beginning of my work. I digitally enhance each image by hand, ensuring each picture is perfect with an edit style that is timeless.  Your final set of pictures will be available within 4 weeks of your wedding day and sent as a Digital Download. This allows you to share and download unlimited times and can be accessed via desktop, laptop, tablet, Smart phone and Smart TV’s.

I don’t like being photographed / I am not very photogenic. Will you help me on the day?

The majority of couples I meet believe they are not photogenic. With the right light, background, exposure and guidance on the most complimentary way to stand based on your height and shape, you will look naturally amazing and relaxed in your wedding photos. Plus my self deprecating sense of humour generally creates those big natural laughs.

I have seen and heard of a lot of photographers taking the bride and groom away for hours of photographs, do you do that?

I completely understand that this is your big day, to be enjoyed and celebrated with family and friends. During our initial conversations, I will discuss your photography requirements and work a time line to ensure that you have time with loved ones, some amazing photographs of the two of you, and incorporate any groups of family photos. Generally I spend 15 minutes on Bride and Groom relaxed and natural looking portraits and ask couples to keep family group photographs to a maximum of 12. If there is a beautiful sunset or stunning evening light, I won’t be able to contain myself to whisk you outside for 5 minutes.

This sounds great, but a little over budget, I’m not sure I can afford your packages?

Can you afford not to? Your wedding day will be the beginning of married life – a milestone in your relationship and the memories of this incredibly personal day will last forever. All the thought, years of planning, stunning venue, gorgeous dress, dearest family and friends witnessing your amazing day. You need to have a photographer you can rely on, a photographer that has already photographed countless weddings, and be confident that they will have experience and expertise you can count on to document your day. Your photographs will be seen by friends and family that may not have been able to be there on your day. It’s not uncommon to hear of elderly relatives who have not been able to attend due to poor health, wouldn’t it be great to show them the pure joy of your special day? You may decide to have children, don’t you want them to look at your images and say “ Wow Mum, you looked amazing!”

I often hear “I have a friend / sister / cousin that does photography as a hobby”, and that’s great, let them bring their camera to your wedding and enjoy taking their shots, and generally asking me lots of questions, which by the way I am more than happy to answer (we all start somewhere!). But when you have invested so much time, money and thought into your wedding, can you trust them to take professional photos of your big day?

I have found a photographer who includes extras such as albums, prints, slideshows, parents albums etc, can you match their price?

I have a range of bespoke services I can tailor to best fit your individual requirements, my most popular services can be found here. You will find many photographers that include a range of products for what seems like an incredible price, but if you look closely at their work, the quality is not comparable to the images you see on my website. I believe that in order to make up for poorer quality photography, some companies include additional products to entice you to work with them. Would you really want a wedding album, or a massive print with photos that don’t look great? I didn’t think so. My ethos is buy the best PHOTOGRAPHY you can afford, and then when you save some additional money, you can consider albums, canvas prints, etc. Beautiful memories last forever, an album of awful images and canvas will only gather dust in your loft.

Do you travel?

Yes, I travel throughout the UK and for an additional fee, Europe too. The majority of my weddings are in the South East; Surrey, Berkshire, Hampshire and London.

Which engaged couples do you work best with?

I work best with engaged couples who value photography, who want their wedding photography to represent who they really are, all the details and thought they have invested in their day captured, and with this high quality, there maybe a cost.

Who do you not work well with?

I would love to photograph everyones’ dream wedding day, but some personalities work together better than others. If you have a list of “200 must have wedding photographs” (darn those wedding magazines!) I may not be the photographer for you. When photographers get caught up in this level of detail, heads buried in checking off a list, you miss the natural flow and emotion of the day, which is where the real magic is. Also, what is a mock bouquet throwing???

I have seen examples of wedding photographs on line that I love and would like to have on my wedding day, can you do this?

I love looking through brides pinterest pages and getting a better idea of the look and feel they would like for their wedding day. I’d like to think we can use an image you’ve seen for inspiration, then adapt it to make it unique to you! Keep in mind that your wedding will no doubt have a very different look and feel to an image you may have seen, different location, weather, country etc. I will however promise to create stunning images unique to you, so you wont have to lust after anyone else’s!

Do you photograph more than one wedding per day?

Definitely Not. When you book with me I channel my focus and energy on your wedding day.

Do you carry Insurance?

Yes. I have never needed to use it, but having insurance protects me, and makes you feel confident in case it is ever needed.

What happens if you are ill?

I have a network of professional photographers who would be more than capable to cover in the event of illness. I know this system works as I broke my leg in March 2016 and each of my weddings for the next 6 weeks were covered and the couples’ extremely happy with their wedding pictures.

Do you take credit cards?

I accept credit card through PayPal, though this will incur a 3% handling fee. Preferred payment is on-line banking. A deposit is required at point of booking, with the balance due 4 weeks before your big day. However, we can work out a payment plan suitable to your requirements.

Do you offer other types of photography?

I love photographing people. I offer engagement sessions, post wedding sessions, family sessions, corporate head shots and even pet sessions. All of my sessions are on location – a favourite park, restaurant, or even just hang out at your home and capture what happens. People are more relaxed somewhere familiar or outdoors, and the space allows children to be photographed naturally. The World is our studio.

Your Photography services sound just what we are looking for, how do move forward from here?

That’s brilliant! The next step is to call me on 07800 606802 or email us to arrange a free consultation. I would love to talk through your wedding ideas and how best I can help record those precious moments.