As a wedding photographer in London you attend all kinds of wedding celebrations from traditional, humanist through to different cultures, each with their own unique take. I can now add a Swedish wedding to my list of experiences! I had the pleasure of joining Nick and Nicola’s wedding at the Swedish Church in London. The church itself is gorgeous, though currently with scaffolding for essential maintenance, it didn’t distract from the ornate beauty inside. The vicar was of course Swedish and throughout the ceremony gave lot’s of comparisons of Swedish and UK traditions. I would definitely require lot’s of practice with pronunciation to do them any justice 🙂

After the ceremony, Nick and Nicola’s guests took a short stroll to a garden square where champagne was served and some informal group photographs taken. The day was very informal and relaxed and albeit very cold, everyone remained in high spirits ready for the evening of partying which lay ahead. ♥

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