The great joy of being a wedding photographer Windsor is the sheer abundance of beautiful locations, and Beaumont Estate is definitely up there with the best of them.

I had the great pleasure of being part of Clare and Martin’s wedding celebrations. They met at University where Clare was the cox and Martin a rower; Clare is a dainty 4ft 11″ and I get the impression she spent a lot of time being carried around against her will by the rowing crew. This was demonstrated with too much ease during the group photographs! They are a truly laid back, fun loving couple with wedding guests ready to get into the wedding celebrations.

The ceremony took place at St Johns the Baptist Church on the High Street in Windsor, the Castle making a beautiful backdrop. It was just after the Irish State visit, there were Union Jack and Irish flags dotted along the high street, and with Martin coming from a big Irish family it all felt quite fitting.

After the ceremony we drove along the Long Walk for a couple of pictures with Windsor Castle in the background, the Castle never fails to look stunning. We headed onto Beaumont Estate where we had the task of arranging 120 very happy revellers into group photographs, no easy task, but all ready and willing with a smile.

With groups completed we took Clare and Martin off for 15 minutes of bride and groom portraits in the beautiful grounds at Beaumont Estate. Taking into account Clare’s dainty size, and Martin significantly taller at 6ft 2″, the big arched windows proved the perfect place to make up the height difference!

With all formalities completed all that remained were the speeches, and the evening reception with the amazing 12 piece band!

Being wedding photographer never feels like work, and on days like this, it feels like a privilege to be part of something so beautiful and fun. Thank you Clare and Martin for choosing me to be part of your day. xx

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