On the 18th April 2015, a sunny but very windy Spring day, I had the pleasure of performing the wedding photography for Sarah & Terry’s celebrations at the beautiful Horsley Towers in Horsley, Surrey.

I want to take this opportunity to share with you not just some pictures from their wedding photography from their day, but also a little bit about the new Mr & Mrs Munson and how they went about planning their big day. So grab a cup of tea, a comfy chair and take five minutes out of your busy schedule to indulge in all things wedding 🙂

Wedding Date: 18th April 2015
Ceremony Venue: St Martins Church East Horsley
Wedding Venue: Horsley Towers, East Horsley, Surrey.

How did you meet; what attracted you to one another?
We very first set eyes on each other when I moved to a new job in a new area. Terry was on my team but a couple of weeks later moved on to another station. In that time he was pretty aloof and didn’t seem to even acknowledge me so I wrote him off as a bit of an idiot!
As I made friends on the team they started to mention that Terry quite fancied me (and I suspect they were saying the same to him about me!). Through the grapevine I heard that he was preparing to row across the Atlantic Ocean with a team of friends, which I thought was pretty adventurous, and our paths crossed a couple of times at work. As I had rowed at school it was a natural topic of conversation and gave Terry the opportunity to redeem his earlier nonchalance! By this time I had realised that I did actually quite fancy him and luckily our friends had been right and he quite liked me too!

How long after you first got together did you get engaged?
Just over a year

Who proposed? How, when, where? Was the timing/date significant in any way? Was it a surprise?
I had had an inkling that Terry might propose in Antigua at the end of his mighty Transatlantic row, but unfortunately fate and the weather were not kind to the team and a week into their effort they were rescued after their boat nearly sank. After this I assumed we would just carry on as we were so didn’t expect anything. We’d moved into our first flat after having lived together in shared accommodation. I was running late at work one Saturday and we’d booked to go out to dinner that evening so I was in a bit of a rush when I got in. I didn’t really take too much notice of Terry until I’d showered, changed and was ready to fly out the door with my coat on to get to the restaurant just in the nick of time. At this point I noticed he was sat on the sofa, with a slightly strained look on his face. He suggested we finish our drinks before going out, so I took my coat off, sat down and put the music back on. It was Nirvana, and this didn’t seem to improve Terrys facial expression at all – I didn’t have a clue what was going on and said something like “Is this appropriate?”. Terry took this to mean I knew exactly what was going on, so near enough threw the ring at me, gabbling “So, do you wanna get married then?”. Predictably, I burst into tears, but did manage to say “YES!!”.
Later in the evening I realised it was Terry’s parents anniversary and I thought it was really sweet of him to have chosen this as a date to propose, when I mentioned it to him he had forgotten completely!

Horsley Towers Wedding Photography 01 Horsley Towers Wedding Photography 02 Horsley Towers Wedding Photography 03


What attracted you to the venue you chose for the day?
Horsley Towers was the first venue that we looked at, from the moment we drove up it took our breath away and the staff were great, with a really positive attitude. “No” just doesn’t seem to be in their vocabulary! We loved that we could have the house to ourselves for the day and also that our guests could stay as they were all travelling from out of the area. We even ended up having a party the night before as most guests arrived on the Friday.  We wanted a church ceremony and were really pleased the vicar at the neighbouring Church to Horsley Towers, St Martins, was happy to conduct our ceremony.

What decorative touches did you include in your day?
Our theme was gold, Art Deco/Old Hollywood glamour.
Our favours were Terrys chocolate oranges – after my sister-in-law gave Terry this nickname as soon as we started dating.
Our table plan and all our wedding stationery was created by my fantastic graphic designer friend Greg. The table plan was mounted in a gorgeous vintage gold frame I spotted in a second hand shop whilst at work!
Our centrepieces were gold candelabra with loose foliage garlands and roses, or votives of flowers at the base.
Our flowers were created by the fantastic Hannah at Hannah Berry flowers (www.hannahberryflowers.co.uk) and contained gorgeous coral Vuvuzela roses, ranunculus, stocks, anemones, eucalyptus foliage. White hydrangea bouquets for the bridesmaids
Our cake was created by my very talented friend (and boss!) Hannah Vincent, after I’d fallen for one I’d seen at a wedding show but wanted to tweak a bit.
Our place names were gold painted flowers made by my mum and grandmother
We also had light up LOVE lights from https://www.weddingletterhire.com/


Wedding photography Horsley Towers04 Wedding photography Horsley Towers05 Wedding photography Horsley Towers06 Wedding photography Horsley Towers07


What dress did you wear, how did you choose the particular style?
The dress was by Essense of Australia, it was completely different to what I’d thought I would like but as soon as I put it on I couldn’t stop beaming. It was in the second shop I went to so of course I kept on looking! My heart kept coming back to that dress though so I pretty quickly realised it was the one. Kelly at The Secret Dress House in Reigate was fab and didn’t mind me going back repeatedly to make sure! It was ruched tulle and trumpet shaped. I had some detachable straps made to make it a little more church appropriate.

Did you accessorise your dress in any way? What was your style of bouquet/flowers used?
My dress came with a gorgeous sash, so didn’t require any additional accessories. My shoes were from Freya Rose and were a gorgeous gold colour. I had a ‘Starling’ headdress from Dee Dee bridal, simple pearl earrings and bracelet, and a pearl necklace borrowed from my mum.

What outfit did the groom wear?
Terry wore a blue suit from Ted Baker at Moss Bros, Ted Baker shoes, belt and tie, and a vintage deco style pocket watch I surprised him with on the morning of the wedding!


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How did you entertain your guests?
We decided quite early on that a live band was really important to both of us, and spent hours scouring the internet to try and find the right one. We eventually settled on Life In Stereo – I knew they were right when one of the ushers (who Terry knows as they all used to work together at a wedding venue in Essex) came up to me and asked if I knew they all used to work with the lead singer!
We also found a pianist to play during the wedding breakfast, and as a nod to our work, one of the ushers made us a police line up style back drop for a photo booth.
Terry was also keen that the guests be kept well fed so there was plenty of food throughout the evening!

What music did you choose?
Memorable moments


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How did you both feel on the day?
I felt quite relaxed from the start, but I didn’t have to give a speech! I kept waiting for the nerves to kick in, but they never came. Seeing Terry waiting for me at the altar was magical, and the point at which I nearly started crying, but to my surprise (and everyone else that knows me!) I managed to hold it together! It’s true that your wedding day passes by in a blur, but we did get a few chances to stand back and take it all in.

I had a bit of hangover when I first woke up, I was awoken around 8am by the best man and ushers. We then spent a good hour trying to assemble the line up photo frame, I must admit I was a little queasy at this point! I think this was mainly due to the excess alcohol from the night before! I had breakfast and got ready for the big moment, in doing so I managed to cut myself shaving.

The best man, ushers and I then made our way to the pub and I had a quick drink before the big moment. I wasn’t nervous about the ceremony, I knew I wanted to marry Sarah and I was looking forward to It. This actually surprised me as well on the day! I was more concerned about the damn speech and I couldn’t stop thinking about that!  Once I survived the speech I decided that I was clocking off from wedding duties and the beer then flowed!


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What parts stood out for you the most?
Sarah – Noticing Terry had cut himself shaving as I reached him at the altar! And seeing our little church filled with all our friends and family.

Terry -Marrying the woman of my dreams in front of all the people who mean a lot to me.
Bringing back my trademark dance move after 10 pints!

Were there any funny stories or unusual anecdotes from the day.
Terry – I mentioned I managed to cut myself shaving, this was after the best man warned me about doing exactly that. The bridal suite was very nice and large. I prepped the bathroom for my entrance and began the process of shaving, this is a delicate process for a man. I lathered up my face and got out a brand new razor, I then made first contact with the razor and my face, I then worked against the grain. All good so far. I then turned the hot tap on and washed away the foam, to begin the process again. I just made contact with my face and *UUURRRGGGHHHH* happens, I jumped about 4ft in the air, however I managed to leave the razor completely still. In doing this I managed to give myself a nice skin graft on my face close to my nose! I then took breath and began the examination of the scene, I fiddled with the taps and established that is wasn’t a ghost but a noisy pipe! Other than that the day ran very smoothly.


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Who/what made your day extra special? e.g. a friend’s speech/ supplier that went above and beyond?
Paul the best man was definitely a big factor in how relaxed we both felt on the morning of the wedding. He’s absolutely rock solid and we knew nothing would go wrong in his hands. Hannah the florist was a dream to work with and again, I had no worries about how the venue would look, so wasn’t stressed at all in the morning. Hannah the cake maker really went beyond the call of duty with the thousands of tiny sequins she painstakingly made and spent an entire day sticking to the cake. And of course, the multi-talented Denise
Where did you go on your honeymoon, can you share a few highlights or any tips for other couples thinking of the same destination?
We went to Sorrento in Italy for five days, we were really lucky as two of the staff at the hotel we stayed at offered a scooter day trip along the Amalfi Coast. We were a little nervous at first but were soon enjoying the ride and it really is the best way to see the area, rather than on a big tourist bus!


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Can you give us some insight on how you created some key elements of your day. Such as choosing the table plan design, organising the flowers and choosing your gown.
1. We were really lucky to have some very talented friends, and to have found such great suppliers for the other elements. I did consciously try and support small and local businesses.
2. We took a while to settle on a theme, but once we eventually got something solid it made things so much easier from there on in. I’d chosen my dress before the theme but luckily I think it fitted in pretty well!
3. Our friend Greg worked tirelessly with us during this process of honing in on the theme and feel of the day and created a bespoke monogram for us which we used throughout the stationery.


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I love to include helpful information and a “shout out” to suppliers on your day. Please could you list as many of your suppliers below, with contact details:
Venue http: www.deverevenues.co.uk/en/venues/horsley-park/weddings/
Bride’s dress: www.secretdresshouse.co.uk
Bride’s accessories: Head dress www.deedeebridal.com Shoes www.freyarose.com
Hair and make-up: Lucy Neale Makeup (Facebook)
Bridesmaids’ dresses : www.quizclothing.co.uk
Groom’s suit: www.moss.co.uk
Wedding cake: By a friend
Flowers: www.hannahberryflowers.co.uk
Transport: www.agclassicweddingcars.co.uk
Stationery: Designed by a friend. Printed at www.printed.com
Entertainment: www.bandsforhire.net – Life In Stereo
Catering: In house


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