Gardens at Royal Berkshire Hotel for a Hindu ceremony

When you book a wedding at Royal Berkshire Hotel, why have one when you can have two!

When Roshana and Richard started planning their wedding Royal Berkshire Hotel Ascot, they picked a perfect venue to host both their Hindu and Civil ceremonies; one within the secluded walled gardens, and the civil ceremony in the Berkshire Suite.

The stunning walled garden is the perfect backdrop for a colourful Hindu ceremony. The mandap was adorned with flowers and statues of elephants which are seen to represent peace, mental strength and power. We were all grateful of the added canopy which provided much needed shade from the Sun.

Roshana had two amazing dresses, one for each ceremony. The Hindu ceremony dress was red and gold, the red symbolising love, commitment, strength and bravery. The civil ceremony dress was equally stunning in shades or gold and cream. Both were adorned with sparkles that shimmered in sunlight.

Not to be outdone by his bride, Richard also had two outfits. (Though when I first turned up to his room, he was casually draped in a towel!) The traditional Hindu outfit matched Roshana’s in red and gold, before changing into a tailored navy suit for the civil ceremony.

Hindu Royal Berkshire Hotel Wedding

Hindu ceremonies are colourful and vibrant, and the ones I have been fortunate to witness were filled with humour too. The priest was excellent at explaining the meaning associated to each part of the ceremony (there are 15 elements!). I also love how the families are involved in the ceremony too. There are too many elements to explain but if you want to know more, take a look here

If you’ve ever photographed an Asian wedding you will know there are a huge amount of group photographs which happen. We completed these within the pergola, and with the help of an Auntie (who was super organised), we soon flew through them! We took advantage of the manicured gardens at the Royal Berkshire hotel wedding, the vibrant red wedding outfits looked beautiful against the lavenders and lush greens.

Civil Ceremony at Royal Berkshire Hotel Ascot

After a lunch menu created by the Royal Berkshire chefs curated by the bride herself, it was time to head back to the Churchill Suite for a hair and make up, and wedding outfit refresh. A hair adjustment and smokey eyes, Roshana was ready to say “I do” part 2.

Post ceremony was the largest confetti throw I have seen in a while. Huge smiles and lot’s of cheering, culminating in the groom wearing a confetti box on his head!

With the champagne reception in full flow, we took to water feature of the garden for family and group photos, and some relaxed couples’ pictures too. I have been lucky to work at the Royal Berkshire Hotel weddings, and they never disappoint. The grounds are perfectly manicured, and the team in he lead up to the day, and on the day itself are professional, friendly and always on hand to help.

Wedding Reception and Speeches at Royal Berkshire Hotel Wedding

With the reception drinks, canapes and photos completed we headed into the Wentworth Suite for the wedding breakfast. This room has a neutral decor with huge floor to ceiling windows, the natural light and ambience are perfect. I always look forward to the speeches, you get to know a couple so well, and the stories I get to hear always raise a smile. Roshana and Richard are both Doctors within the NHS, their tale of meeting and Richards attempts to woo, did not disappoint.

When the dancing commenced and shapes were shifted, I made my way home from possibly the longest wedding day I have ever done, a total of 14 hours shooting. You always leave on a high no matter how long the day, weddings just create that buzz that makes you smile.

Hope you enjoy these images from their beautiful day.

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