I’ve been a wedding photographer for nearly 10 years, and during this time I have been really luck to have met with some incredible wedding suppliers, from venues, florists, catering companies, jewellers, wedding planners and stylists, wedding dress shops – pretty much anything and everything wedding related!

Working in the wedding industry on a daily basis, it’s easy to forget for the majority of brides and grooms, this is the first time they will have planned a wedding. Suddenly they are bombarded with messages of ‘Wedding Must Haves’ from wedding magazines, wedding fairs, social media, what their friends did, what their parents would like – the list is endless. Then there are the practicalities of logistics, timings and what’s in season.

So instead of keeping these amazing wedding suppliers, and their wealth of knowledge myself, I met up with them and picked their brains on what advice they can offer brides and grooms who are planning their big day.

I hope you will find these blog posts helpful and if you have any comments, please feel free to comment! As one of my wonderful previous brides once told me, “Sharing’s caring”!

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