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Your wedding photography

I have met many couples over the years, and whilst their wedding day may follow the traditional pattern of exchanging vows and a ring, a wedding breakfast, speeches and plenty of emotion, each has been very different and unique to the individual couple.

I’ve seen grooms take their vows in flip flops, brides with five pairs of shoes, brides with three dresses (not the same as the bride with five pairs of shoes!), bare foot brides, red bridal gowns, kilts, castles, barns, manor houses, royal palaces, beeches, ostrich feather bouquets, bouquets made from personal pieces of jewellery, horse and carriage, sports cars, helicopters, Henry the VIII master of ceremonies, fairground carousels, ghost tours and plenty more. Suffice to say that if I had a standard photography style, all my wonderfully unique couples would have the same photographs.


From the moment I meet you at my studio in Windlesham (Surrey and Berkshire border) I’ll be eager to hear all about your wedding plans, from the reason you chose your venue to the time of year you will wed, your wedding day theme or colours, your bridal gown style, and learn more about you as a couple, how you met, how he (or she!) proposed, all these details and stories help me understand you as a couple and how best I can capture your personalities through photography.

Six weeks prior to your Big Day, I will get in touch to make arrangements for your engagement photoshoot, which can be arranged at the location of your forthcoming wedding, allowing us to identify the best places for your wedding photography and for your group photographs. It also allows me to note the best areas for you wedding photography in the event of poor weather. Alternatively, your engagement shoot can be arranged for another venue of your choosing. I am often asked to photograph couples at the beach – a popular choice for both the couple and the photographer. Your engagement photoshoot provides an ideal opportunity to take some relaxed, fun shots, as well as providing me with the opportunity to discuss the finer details of your wedding photography and your selection of formal group photographs.

One week before your wedding day I will contact you to answer any final questions and help settle any last minute nerves.


When your wedding day arrives I will meet you to photograph the finishing touches of make-up and hair (I’ve yet to meet a bride who wants to be photographed sans foundation!) and capture the details of your wedding gown and accessories, as well as the excitement and anticipation of the wedding party! This will be a memorable part of the wedding arrangements, as everyone realises that the day has arrived and begin to enjoy the experience. We will then meet up with the bridegroom, and grooms men when we photograph a selection of informal and relaxed portraits.

Your choice of wedding ceremony will have an impact on the kind of photography suitable for your wedding day. I always ensure that care is taken to photograph your ceremony in a respectful and unobtrusive manner. While some churches prohibit photography during the ceremony, there are others who are happy for a limited number of photographs to be taken. It is advisable to clarify your church’s preference prior to the wedding. With civil ceremonies, photography is usually allowed, providing it is carried out in an unobtrusive manner.

Post ceremony is another of my favourite moments as the air is filled with love and emotion, guests are relaxed, providing lots of opportunity for candid photographs, there are few looks more beautiful than the look of a radiant bride and a proud groom.

How I photograph the remainder of the wedding celebrations depends greatly on the couple. While some prefer formal group shots at the location of the ceremony and popular confetti throwing picture at the church. Other couples prefer for the wedding photography to take place at the reception location or forgo formal group shots completely. Many couples like to leave the buzz of the celebrations for 20 minutes for informal bride and groom portrait photographs within the ground of their wedding venue, providing an opportunity to escape from the maddening crowd, and others just prefer me to photograph their wedding day as it unfolds with little or no prompting toward formality. It’s your day, your choice; I am there to photograph your day in a manor that best suits you.

The wedding speeches are yet another amazing part of the celebrations. The wedding meal is over, and the groom has a look of pride and frequently a few emotional tears (who doesn’t love a man who sheds a tear to his bride on their wedding day). Watching the bride’s expressions when her father speaks with love about of his little daughter, who once played by the paddling pool naked / ate mud pies / dressed up as a princess and promised she would never marry anyone apart from her daddy, becoming the grown up woman who is seated next to him now. These are the moments when people truly let their guard down, laughter, tears and joy.


The day after your wedding I will create “sneak peak” of your wedding photographs. I endeavour to make sure your images are ready for you to view upon return from your honeymoon, however during busy wedding periods this could be just a little longer. I prefer to arrange to meet couples at my studio to review their wedding photographs, this gives me a chance to hear all about your honeymoon too (and go slightly green with envy)! I will provide you with USB containing your wedding images in high resolution and each one digitally enhanced by hand. I will then upload your photographs to a secure on-line gallery which can be shared with your family and friends to view.


I believe a wedding album is not just a memory of your wedding day, it’s a small piece of family history to be treasured for years to come. I have a range of albums from slick, stylish coffee table books, hand printed fine art leather bound albums, through to printed photographs with hand cut mounts encased in a cover of your choice, leather, suede, acrylic, linen – there really is an abundance of choice and something to suit every couple. Each wedding album is designed individually, with a soft copy proof sent to you for approval prior to printing. The Wedding Album final print time varies depending on your choice of album, these range from 14 days through to 30.